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Chrono Cross:


Paradoxes and Stuff
In New Game+, you can get all your old characters back by using the Astral Amulet at the distortion in Hydra Marshes (Home World), and then talking to Sprigg.

Paradoxes and Stuff (Part 2)
The only way to get Harle back using this trick is by completing the game with Harle in your party in a previous game, and doing so after Harle has left your party.



Chrono Trigger:


Fun With Time Travel
After gaining the ability to open Magic Boxes in 12,00 B.C., go to 600 A.D. and open all of them without taking the items out of them. Then go to 1000 A.D. and go to take the items from them (they'll all be stronger then if you took them with out opening the boxes in an earlier time zone). Then return to 600 A.D. to take the items again!

Fun With Cats
Want to get Crono some cats? Well, in the Millenial Fair, play any of the games you already have the prize for (the 80 point game works best) and you'll start to earn cat food. After you get enough (around 60, you can see how much in the barrel in Crono's room), cats will start appearing in Crono's house. That's not all. The more cats you get in Crono's house, the more cats will show up in the Midnight Parade ending.

dentity Crisis
After compleating the Ocean Palace go to the Laruba Ruins (65,000,000 B.C.) and talk to the Nu. The first time he'll give you the silver stone, but after that he'll offer to change the name of whomever you have in the lead. To change the Epoch's name, use the computer near the front of the Keeper Dome (12,000 A.D.).

The Fleaver is a sword mentioned on page 56 of the game manual... BUT, it doesn't actualy exsist in the game. It's actualy refering to the Slasher. (Sorry, no Ozzier either)

The Hiding Nu
If you want to battle a Nu early on in the game, run up the Cursed Woods (in 600 A.D.) without getting into a battle in the first screen. If you catch up to him he'll yell "Stop it you dog!" If you enter a battle while he's on the screen, he'll join in.



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